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Counselor Corner

MHS COUNSELOR CORNER                               September 2020

Contact Information:

Casey Squires (A-J) -

Carolyn Bailey (K-Z) -

Website:; click on schools, click on high school, click on Counselors

General Information:

*The most Important thing you can do this year is CHECK YOUR SCHOOL EMAIL DAILY!


*Seniors meetings are starting! Your counselor will call for you out of class or set-up a time with you to meet and discuss your future plans after graduation. Each meeting will be one-on-one so it will take a few weeks to get to all seniors


*There will be several opportunities to meet with college representatives – both at lunch and in small group meetings. Please watch your email for these event dates and sign-up procedures


*College Days: Each senior will receive 2 college days (excused days to visit college campuses). These must be approved by your counselor prior to going and forms must be signed by each teacher and Mr. Ketcherside. Documentation will be required to excuse your absence. Please schedule your visit online with the college/university website at least one week in advance.


*Attendance: PLEASE note 4.45B Graduation excerpt below taken from the MHS Handbook:


Walking in the graduation processional is a privilege not a right. Graduating seniors will

not be allowed to participate in commencement activities if any of the following hold


1. Students have not paid all fines or have not returned school property.

2. Students have more than ten unexcused absences for spring semester.**

3. To have the honor of walking, graduates must complete all requirements by the

Monday the week of graduation.


**These absences are in any class – including a non-credit course.


*Check your school email DAILY. This will be the primary form of communication with seniors. Also, it is suggested to use a personal email when you are completing information for colleges, FAFSA, FSA ID, Lottery Scholarship etc.... you will need to be able to receive communication and access information from these places after graduation - Summer of 2021 your SCCSD email will be disabled.


*All colleges/universities have different dates/deadlines for admission and scholarship applications. We suggest you apply to all places of interest in the September or October months. A lot of "priority" deadlines are in November and this is when scholarship award letters will be sent and offered - typically final deadlines fall a little later than November. Please be sure to check the priority and final deadlines for the scholarships with the colleges/universities you are applying for.


*Awards Assembly: To be held Wednesday, April 21st 2021 from 9am-11am - Please mark your calendars. Final decisions will be made whether this will be in-person or virtually as the time gets closer.


*Arkansas Course Transfer System: You may go to their website to obtain information about the transferability of courses within Arkansas Public colleges - For example: Will something I take at UACCM transfer to UCA?


*Computers are located in the counselor's office to sign-up for the ACT, college applications, scholarship searches etc....


*CURRENT UACCM STUDENTS: UACCM Spring 2021 courses – If you are currently taking courses at UACCM they will be having registration for spring courses on their campus on October 14th, 15th, and 19th; If you will only be taking one course next semester please try to be there on October 14th. You do not have to have an appointment - Scheduling will take place in BTC 200 or if you prefer to call in and register over the phone please call 501-208-5307.  They will be scheduling 8 am to 4 pm.  You MUST have a new Permit to Register form from the counselor’s office and complete/sign and turn back in to the counselor’s office by Wednesday, October 7th – Please be courteous and have this completed so they can be ready to register you when you call or show up.


*NEW UACCM STUDENTS: If you have not taken courses at UACCM but would like to take them in the spring of 2021, UACCM will be at MHS on Wednesday, November 4th from 9am-12pm in room 119 (Classroom across from the Counselor’s Office). You must:

1.  go to and apply for admission for Spring 2021 as a concurrent student

2. get a Permit to Register (PTR) form from the counselor’s office, complete it and return it to the counselor’s office

3. notify the counselor’s office that you have applied so your transcript, shot records, and test scores can be mailed to UACCM

Please have this process complete by Tuesday, October 27th. Please see the last page of this newsletter for test score requirements and the ACCUPLACER schedule.


*If you are majoring in Education – New requirement for UCA and ATU – They require you to take the Writing portion of the ACT one time. This may be true of other colleges as well and we have not been notified – please check with your college if you are going into Education seeking a Teaching License

Financial Aid:

*If you plan to go to college or vocational school after graduation you will have to apply for the FAFSA - In order to do so, you and your parent/guardian must create an FSA ID (which can be made at any time). The FAFSA opens on October 1st - You will need your FSA ID and 2019 taxes to complete the application for the 2021-2022 school year. 

Create FSAID:

Apply for FAFSA: (must have an FSAID to apply)


*Financial Aid offices at the colleges are a great benefit and encourage incoming students to ask them questions when completing the FAFSA to be sure that it is completed correctly. Do not hesitate to contact them with questions.




*Arkansas Lottery Scholarship: (Also called Arkansas Academic Challenge) opens October 1st. Do NOT use a school email when applying for this. The only requirement is a 19 on the ACT or the equivalent on the NGAccuplacer (an average on the Writing (Sentence Skills), Reading, and Math tests of 246) – They will now accept Superscores. Scholarship application is online and opens on October 1st. Monies will be awarded in May - You must log-in and accept this scholarship when awarded or you will NOT receive this money. Please check the other scholarships that are available on this website as well.


*AR Future Grant: Enroll in a STEM or high demand area (Nursing is now included) – Pays full tuition for an Associate’s Degree/Technical Certificate/Certificate of Proficiency in one of the listed areas -


*Begin to gather all of your material for your resume, goal statement, and letters of reference. Please do not wait until the last minute for L of R - Teachers need notice and time to write.


*Scholarships will be posted in the counselor’s office as they are received. Please listen closely to the announcements, read your email, and look to social media for their release - Openings and deadlines of all scholarships vary so please check regularly. The majority of local scholarships will be released on January 4th with a due date of March 1st.

*              *Now available is a Free On-line Scholarship Search by The Arkansas Student Loan Authority.   

Go to and to the Free Scholarship link.  Also available at that website is Fund My Future, a web portal providing Arkansans comprehensive financial aid information:


*Do NOT ever pay for a scholarship search or application. Legitimate searches are free of cost.


*Some colleges combine their application and scholarship application into one form - Some colleges have separate scholarship applications. Be sure you are aware of this when applying.


*Each college has private/foundation scholarships that are a completely SEPARATE application from admission and academic scholarships.  Search their site for this application and information - so much money does not get awarded each year because students do not apply for these type of scholarships. BEWARE of Deadlines – EVERY college has different deadlines


*After you have applied online please see the counseling office to let us know where you have applied - We will be glad to send all Transcripts, Shot Records and Test Scores to wherever you have applied.  ****NOTE if your ACT score has gone up and you did not request ACT to send your updated scores to the college you must let the counselor's office know your score has gone up so we can send the college updated information. Scholarships are awarded by the highest ACT score on record that they have received by their deadline.


*Arkansas Rehabilitation Services: There is money available for students with a wide range of disabilities ranging from asthma, learning disabilities, physical disabilities, heart conditions, diabetes, migraines, etc.... If you have a documented disability, you may contact AR Rehab Services at 479-890-5751 for information about educational assistance after graduation. They will forward you an application to begin the process – This is a GREAT opportunity.


*School Counts! Remember that you keep your scholarship to UACCM by demonstrating: Quality (obtain no transcript grade lower than a "C"); Good Attendance (achieve a 95% attendance record); Persistence (on schedule to complete high school in 4 consecutive years); Goal Setting (take more than the minimum number of credits required for graduation).


* There are millions of scholarships available to all students - we suggest you take time to "Google" and see what you can find - Counselors will pass along everything that we get - However, there are so many that are advertised through scholarship databases and are easily accessed through the internet


*Begin applying for college now! Colleges will accept applications year round - However, when looking for scholarships based on an ACT score each college has a different calendar - please pay close attention


* ACT Fee Waivers are available in the counselor's office. Students are allowed to use a total of 4 of these waivers during their Junior and/or Senior year.


* Students must register online at . You have to upload your photo for the admission ticket   On the day of testing you are required to bring BOTH an acceptable photo ID and copy of your admission ticket with photo ID on it. If you do not have a photo ID please see Mrs. Morrow in the counselor’s office and she will make you one.

T                              The ACT Code for Morrilton High School is: 041-710.     Test Center Code for Morrilton High School is: 198770.

           TEST DATES FOR ACT                               DEADLINE:                                                    LATE DEADLINE (Pay Late fee)          

December 12, 2020                                         November 6, 2020                           November 7-20, 2020

                February 6, 2021                                               January 8, 2021                                January 9-15, 2021

                April 17, 2021                                                    March 12, 2021                                March 13-26, 2021

                June 12, 2021                                                     May 7, 2021                                        May 8-21, 2021

                July 17, 2021                                                      June 18, 2021                                     June 19-25, 2021


*Accuplacer: Test is on-line and untimed; it is given at UACCM at the following times:

Monday – Friday

9am and 1pm

Please call 977-2060 to schedule your appointment

*This test can be used for admission into UACCM in place of the ACT; however, not all colleges accept this test for admission. Cost: $15 or $5 per section of the test

To take Concurrent Courses at UACCM students need the following test scores:

ACT: English 19, Reading 19 (If taking College Algebra, the student will also need a 20 in the math portion of the ACT)

NGAccuplacer: Writing 260, Reading 252 (If taking College Algebra, the student will also need a 254 in the math portion of the NGAccuplacer)

To meet admission requirements, you must take the ENTIRE test at least one time.