March 13, 2023

 Lunch:  Burrito

Other Lunch Options:   Salad, Yogurt Boat, or Pizza

Breakfast Monday:  Breakfast Burrito

 --Seniors:  You NEED to order your cap, gown and tassel.

--Students will be given information about courses for 2023-2024 this week during advisory.

Below is when the students will be meeting with the counselors (during their English Classes) to make their selections:

 Monday, March 13th - 10th Grade

  • Tuesday, March 14th - 8th Grade (during Advisory) and Mr.   Garrett's 11th Grade English Students
  • Wednesday, March 15th - 9th Grade
  • Thursday, March 16th - 11th Grade
  • Friday, March 17th - All students who were absent during their scheduled session 

 --Any 9th and 11th grade students who will be attending the band trip are to report to the cafeteria 2nd period Tuesday to complete schedule requests.

--Congratulations to both Bel Canto and Ensemble on Superior ratings in performance and sight reading at CPA. The move on to State CPA in April.

 --All 10th grade students will have a BMI screening on Wed March 15th.  Forms were sent out Friday and Monday in English classes and are also available in the nurse's office for anyone that wishes to decline the screening.